The DIY Healer’s Flea

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, but that doesn't mean you have to be by yourself.

What’s the DIY-HF?

The DIY Healer’s Flea is an all-ages market that incorporates public education on healing practices using a creative, communal, and self-guided approach.

It is free to attend, although vendors and service providers must first register to reserve space at the event.

The Flea offers a way for people working in various methods of healing to come together and share their practices with fellow healers as well as the general public.

The Next DIY Healer’s Flea:

The next event has not yet been scheduled. Check back soon for information about the schedule of the next event!

About the Venue

  • Photograph of a dance party at The Footlight.
    The Footlight Bar is a fantastic music venue featuring a beautiful hardwood dance floor and a classic full bar with retro ambiance.

Blending old with new and known for its inviting atmosphere and charming staff, The Footlight has become the neighborhood’s usual suspect when it comes to all manner of community events from music and comedy shows to endless witchy goodness (especially during a full moon)!

Read more about The Footlight.

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Fees and pricing

Vendors must pay a non-refundable tabling fee in order to vend.

Vendor tabling fee (shown in USD).
Space Price
Vending space 45.00

Vendor fees are partially dependent upon the host venue, and are subject to change without notice after each event. Please double-check the fee here before registering!

Apply now to reserve your vending space.