The DIY Healer’s Flea

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, but that doesn't mean you have to be by yourself.

What’s the DIY-HF?

The DIY Healer’s Flea is an all-ages market that incorporates public education on healing practices using a creative, communal, and self-guided approach.

It is free to attend, although vendors and service providers must first register to reserve space at the event.

The Flea offers a way for people working in various methods of healing to come together and share their practices with fellow healers as well as the general public.

The Next DIY Healer’s Flea:

Saturday, July 28 2018 from 1:00pm6:00pm at Trans-Pecos (map).

About the Venue

  • Photograph of Trans-Pecos venue.
    Trans-Pecos is a gorgeous, spacious venue with skylights, hardwood floors, and a stage.

Trans-Pecos is a spacious live music venue with gorgeous hardwood floors, skylights, a large backyard, and features an attached cafe, TransAM. It is located on a busy segment of Wyckoff Avenue serving coffee and a light menu that includes vegan options.

Read more about Trans-Pecos.

The DIY Healer’s Flea Presentation Schedule
Time slot Space A Space B

What is Unconditional Love? : A talk on aligning with empowered, never-ending love in the face of Neoliberalism


Local Food Heals You


Heal Haiku by Lauren Grisanti


Overdose Prevention Workshop

Pop Gym Pop Up Free Self-Defense Workshop


Shifting Relationalities of Planetary Bodies in Cyclical Inertial Dances : Astrology and New Ways of Seeing the Self in Motion

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Fees and pricing

Vendors must pay a non-refundable tabling fee in order to vend.

Vendor tabling fee (shown in USD).
Space Price
Vending space 45.00

Vendor fees are partially dependent upon the host venue, and are subject to change without notice after each event. Please double-check the fee here before registering!

Apply now to reserve your vending space.